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Chana Lew

doula, birth consultant, health and wellness mentor

So much of who I am is on my blog. This section is primarily geared for people who are interested in my history as a birth doula.

In May of 2002, I completed doula training through Lamaze International with Kathy McGrath and Judy Lothian.

The most important thing I learned from these special women was that the goal of a doula is to help every woman have her ultimate birth. I learned how important it is to remove my personal preferences and to tune in to the birthing mother and her family. This message has been guiding me through all the births I have attended.

Since then, I have attended over 100 births, taking some time off for the births of my own children.

I am incredibly passionate about birth and very cognizant of every woman having their own expectations regarding their birth.

My goal is to empower a woman to create the birth experience that she desires through education, encouragement, advocacy and love.

To beautiful births,


ps. As of December, 2010, my doula practice is exclusively reserved for those dedicated to homebirth. I continue to  avail myself for consultations and referrals.

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