Monday, February 6, 2012

Date with my Daughter

It's 4:00 on a cold day and I'm waiting for my daughter, outside of her school, in the safety of my warm minivan. I'm responding to texts and emails when the door slides open and a breathless child propels herself onto my lap and shoves a colorful flyer into my face. 
Mommy, please can we go, it's only $10? 
Hi honey, I'm so happy to see you too. Did you have a good day? I missed you.
Of course we can go.
Thanks, you're the best. mother. EVER. I'm starving, is there anything to eat in the car?

Yup, it really happened, exactly like that. Moussia and I arranged a date. It would be just the two of us, no little sister invited. We posted the flyer on the fridge when we got home and had been whispering about the concert ever since. It's very exciting going to a concert with your daughter. And apparently, it's very exciting going to a concert with your mother (not that I've ever done that).

The royal countdown began. 5 days left, 4 days left, 3 days left, after Shabbos I'm going to a concert. Moussia considered cancelling her Sunday plans and I assured her that there were plenty of hours in the day available to do all her Sunday activities and still get ready for the concert. Come Sunday evening, we dressed up (makeup and all) and floated down Troy Ave. to the Razag Ballroom for the much awaited, eagerly anticipated event.

We got there a little earlier than I might have - had I gone alone -  but it was totally worth spending extra time with my daughter. We experienced a mild disappointment when we came in and discovered that 'all the good seats were taken'. Moussia really wanted to sit up front, first row.  We managed to get 3rd row, center stage seats (thank you Shuffi) and had a fabulous time.

Chanale sang songs from her new album, from her old albums, from other people's albums and an impromptu set of niggunim. As she introduced each song Moussia asked me, "do I know that one? do you?" Regardless of the answer she was singing along to all of them, as was I. We had a blast.

Experiencing the energy of a room filled with Jewish women and girls, singing songs of connection and hope and faith and love, through my daughter's eyes, was nothing less than incredible. 

If you haven't experienced that, I encourage you to take your daughter by the hand, whether she's 7 or 17 or 47 and go to a concert. And sing - even if you don't know the words, or the tunes. And leave your judgments at home. Just go have fun and let loose.

To wonderful dates with our daughters,


PS, as I'm about to publish this, Chanale just posted a video recap. You can watch it here - and because we had such great seats, you can see a lot of me and Moussia, up front waving our arms and rocking back and forth. (Good thing you can't hear us singing.) I'm wearing purple and a long shaitel, Moussia's shirt looks grey


  1. Love it! I can literally picture that whole scene! Enjoy the time now while she still enjoy taking her mother to concerts- may it always continue! :)

  2. You are inspiring!

  3. Love reading your posts. I can't wait till my daughter is a bit bigger to do dates with. Enjoy the nachas