Monday, January 9, 2012

D.I.Y. Olives - Part 3

So I go away for three little days and I come home to discover the olives have been seasoned. Flavored. Spiced. After waiting all this time, done without me. Without pictures. Without capturing the image, without documenting the process. I'm breathing through this. I'll get through this moment. I will survive.

I took some pictures today so you can see what's happening happened (without me).

After much arm-twisting, I was able to drag the recipe out of Pinny: olive oil, salt, lime and dried chili peppers. Lime because we're out of lemons.

This jar has dry red wine, olive oil, sea salt, dried chili peppers and some Italian seasoning.

I'm wondering why I don't see any garlic in either of these. Or fresh herbs. Cumin seed. Oh, right, because I wasn't part of the process.

Just in case somebody thought that wrapping up these olives without me was not offensive, my housekeeper told me that my children were very well behaved while I was gone. "When you husband go away, they fight. When you go away they very nice."  

Maybe I should leave more often...

Off to plan my next getaway,


PS If you missed the beginning of the journey: Olives Part 1 and Olives Part 2.
Part 4 to follow when they are fit for consumption.

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