Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stating the Obvious

Just want to point out the obvious. Your comments are valuable. When someone relates to something I've shared and makes the effort to comment, I am grateful.

In the particular case of my previous post - food as victory - this experience would not have been possible without a comment on a previous post.

I know that many of you read my blog. Some of you mention it in an email. Some of you hit "Like". Some of you feel a rush of familiarity and relief that you're not the only one. Some of you will say something when you pass me in the street. Some of you are thinking how weird it is that you know this much about me, but all in blog form. And then there are the exclusive few that comment.

Thank you to those that do. Your feedback is much appreciated. And to the rest of you. Drop a line. Get out of your comfort zone. Relate. Tell me what you're really thinking.

To good health,



  1. well i haven't been around your blog long enough, but i love your writing and topics.

    mostly, i want my pantry to look like yours! lol

  2. Sina, nobody is accusing you of being a lurker. I appreciate your comments:)

  3. oh, im totally a self-proclaimed lurker. You can find me often enough gazing at my phone reading "just one more blog post"... without "one more minute" to comment. Yet, I love comments on my blog! lol

    keep writing!
    i love health related writing and your humor makes me come back for more!!