Thursday, December 22, 2011

D.I.Y. Olives - Part 2

Brief Olive Update:

It's been a while since I posted about the olives and I haven't shared any updates. Oops. There wasn't any intentional withholding of information, I promise. It's not been all that exciting. The tedious work of rinsing and filling the jars. Pinny's been taking care of that. He left for a weekend retreat and asked me if I would take care of the olives while he was gone. I said yes and immediately forgot about it. Oops again. The olives are forgiving though, and so is Pinny. I am truly blessed.

So here we are, 5 1/2 weeks later our olives look like this.
All that's been done is rinse, fill, repeat - on an almost-daily basis. Pinny tastes them every now and then, grimaces and spits them out. It takes time, patience and fresh water for the oleuropein, the naturally-present chemical in raw, uncured olives to leach out. But those grimaces seem less intense, there may be some more chewing going on before the spit, so I have a hunch that one of these days we'll be seasoning the olives. 

I was a little tempted to photograph the taste, grimace, spit, but that's not so aesthetically pleasing...
in case you forgot what they looked like 5 weeks ago.

and what they look like now
taken with our super duper canon 60D - but you knew that

Look out for the olives being seasoned post. 

To good health,


P.S. How appropriate for me to share this update when we celebrate the miracle of olive oil...


  1. fabulous! is this the first time you are curing olives? I'd love to put this on my site and make a section on your progress. This is really great stuff and so beautifully done.

  2. thanks Chana Esther. I really appreciate the feedback. We've done this before. I think we served our olives when you joined us for shabbos. You are welcome to link to my blog.