Monday, December 26, 2011

Chanukah Day in Pictures

Happy Chanukah all from our cozy den up north.

Having a minyan in my home imbues its walls with holiness

It's hard to disconnect, even when talking to G-d

Doughnut dough. I got a recipe! Look for it on the bottom of this post.
frying in olive oil & coconut oil

spice jars need replenishing
glazed and hardening

drizzled with agave and sprinkled with cinnamon


yup, it's chanukah. our fried food of choice is falafel

I needed a little downtime. Pinny hooked me up well.

what's a chanukah post without a menorah...
...or colored candles

doughnuts waiting patiently for consumption

all at once...

master chef


cumin carrots

falafel - recipe here

Israeli salad, cut beautifully by Zalman, 11


remnants of last year's olives. follow this year's process here

the beginnings of a creative plate

Freida's dinner. nutritionally sound.... 
stuffed into her pita.  
Zalman's well packed falafel

So that's a day in our (Chanukah vacation) life.

To good health and abundant light,


PS. The doughnut recipe. You didn't think I'd forget the doughnut recipe, did you?
This is not the original recipe of the picture I posted a few weeks ago. I did manage to get that recipe, but unfortunately we found ourselves in an egg shortage, on the single day of the year that all stores are closed. The gas station convenience store was open, but they don't carry organic eggs.
I went online to find a recipe for vegan doughnuts. Master chef Levik thought doughnuts without eggs wouldn't work, but offered to experiment. I found a recipe and turned out we had no yeast either...
Levik adapted and came up with this. These doughnuts were D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. to say the least.

7-8 cups spelt flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons baking powder
1/2 cup maple syrup
1 cup water
1 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup grapeseed oil
1 teaspoon vanilla

Combine ingredients. Add flour as needed to get a working dough.
Deep fry according to your favorite method.

The glaze was a combination of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, coconut oil and agave.


  1. Oy why are you torturing me?? I neeeeedd falafel every time i see these pictures! And those doughnuts look divine.

  2. they were divine:) we should schedule a falafel night.... I'll keep you posted.

  3. Ok, this is the Chanukah party I should have been at! All looks delicious!!!!!!

  4. Chana, so we made the donuts. I am a lousy baker, and we were short one c. spelt so we used some whole wheat. (I made them with freidel) I also didnt have confection sugar or a sieve. We put little milchig caramels in the center that melted in the oil into little burnt bits that stuck to the donuts!
    But all in all, they were pretty yummy. I took them to the party last night and they were pretty much eaten up. Rafael wasnt so excited, I tried! Did you see the sign i made for them? He didnt recognize ONE of the ingredients!
    Your chanukah in the country looks divine, cozy, delicious and special. LOVE the pics, hope to see more family ones in the future. Love every post, you totally deliver the goods! And im cooking in a sheitel cuz my kids were so frantic to get started i didnt have a chance to change. But its ok, this way i could post 'em. Happy last night dear bloggie friend!

  5. Musie, you know where we live...

    Chanale: don't call yourself a lousy baker. Maybe a baker that needs more experience? or a baker that aspires to do better. What would you say to someone that called themselves a lousy singer?
    I like that you experimented. burnt caramel. yum. Rafael doesn't have to like it all. Whatcha gonna do? None of them "like it all". I didn't see the sign. Was that in 1 of the pix? I went back and looked again...
    Chanukah in the country was fabulous. You should join us some time.
    Cooking in a shaitel results in posted pix. I'm gonna think about that. But unlikely.
    Happy last day to you too. Thanks for your comments.

  6. Such gorgeous Chanuka pictures, and your donuts look SO delicious! (I'm shocked when I read the simple list of ingredients) It's nice to see a Mom who cooks up all these wholesome foods for her fam and then remembers to take some down time!

    1. Thanks RochieO.
      I appreciate your comments.