Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Potatoes. Sweet.

japanese sweet potatoes - photo compliments of google images

If I had to name my favorite root vegetable, it would have to be the sweet potato. They're, well, sweet. Dense. Satisfying. Then there's the Japanese sweet potato. A little less sweet. More dense. More satisfying. Plus a chestnut-like flavor. This oriental variety has a reddish skin and a creamy white color on the inside.

There are many creative things people do with sweet potatoes. I'm frequently inspired by beautiful sweet potato recipes, but mostly I prefer them simply roasted. A sweet potato, in its jacket, straight out of the oven on a cold winter day... comfort.

 I usually peel & chop a variety of sweet potatoes (japanese & garnet are my favorite), and ask them how they'd like to be seasoned.

Just checking if you're still reading. I might be weird, but I don't talk to my sweet potatoes.
Sometimes I add chopped garlic and rosemary.

my super duper canon 60d hard at work

 Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and lay them flat on a baking sheet.

Roast them at 400 until I see some brown edges - usually about 1/2 hour.

Try not to eat them all by myself.

Do you ever find yourself talking to your vegetables?
Would you like to see some other sweet potato recipes?
What are your favorite things to do with sweet potatoes?

To good health,


Roasted with olive oil, salt and just a smidgen of paprika


  1. Sounds Delicious! where do you get these different sweet potatoes?

  2. I have sweet potatoes for dinner tonight, wish my kids would just TRY them!!

  3. Nope, never talk to my vegetables but i do love sweet potatoes! Those look delicious!

  4. *Sigh* sweet potatoes make me so happy.
    I love all varieties. I love putting the white Japanese ones where people are expecting Idahos and seeing what happens.
    I enjoy making sweet potato pie (with bourbon and molasses, Southern style!). Often, right before Shabbos when I want to give the kids a snack to tide them over, I will slice them lengthwise (steakhouse fries style), spray with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and garlic and stick them under the broiler until the edges are golden. They are gone as soon as they are cool enough to handle.
    I like that with this method everyone eats the peel too, and all that good healthy fiber does not get thrown out (or tossed in the compost...)

  5. Anon: where are you located? Most whole foods type stores carry them. In crown heights they are available at mr greens.

    Chanale. Try new foods when your kids are hungry. When they get home from school or come back from the playground. Have your new food ready and make sure there is a small but significant wait time for anything else. Also don't make an issue of it. Just have it around.

    What do you think of Chanis recipe? Interesting concept huh?

    Chana, great tip on the new foods thing, No pressure just have it around....

  7. I love sweet potatoes when they're roasted.

    I also made a butternut squash and sweet potato soup that was so yum!

  8. Malkie - y'all have evolved into a true southerner.

    thanks sina. looks delish. thanks for sharing.

    Chanale- that looks very pretty - but like a 'patchke'.
    Not that I never patchke, but i choose them carefully.
    Something I would do for a women's event - not my fam. dinner....

  9. my son just saw the pics and pointed to the screen, in his little squeaky 3 yr old voice and said, 'can i have some?!'
    yum! but yes, they are a bit time consuming to make as fries.... and they do get inhaled here! so, they get made only infrequently

  10. my 3 yr old son, just quipped, when seeing the bakes sw. pots- 'i want some' :)
    but yes time consuming to make as fries.. unless you have the big kids do the chopping!

  11. If you make them like steak fries they are not time consuming at all. That is why I do them like that. You just chop them lengthwise into wedge shapes. They really are not fries at all. I just call them that...its deceptive I know....

  12. Sweet potato def one of our favorites. we call them sweet potato chips...Olive oil and cajun seasoning makes for sweet and spicy flavor! they sure don't last long enough!

  13. For a minute there I went back to make sure I read correctly - glad to hear you don't talk to your sweet potatoes :) I often make them in wedges too!