Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cabinet Peeking

taken with our super duper canon 60d
Do you ever want to peek into people's kitchen cabinets? Here's a peek into mine.

Top row left to right: turmeric, cumin seeds, himalayan rock salt, coriander seeds, zante currants, raw pumpkin seeds.

2nd row front, left to right: dried cherry hot peppers, cocoa powder, kombu, dried chili peppers, prunes, slivered almonds.

2nd row back, left to right: black salt, walnuts, black sesame seeds, dried tart cherries, raw macadamias.

3rd row front, left to right: shredded coconut, pecans, raw cacao beans, sunflower seeds, sea salt, hazelnuts.

3rd row back, left to right:
sliced almonds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, adzuki beans, black beans, poppy seeds.

Bottom row front, left to right:
green lentils, raw almonds, garbanzo beans, raw buckwheat, yellow split peas.

Bottom row back, left to right:
quinoa, brown rice, dates, basmati rice, oats.

There you have it.
What were you hoping to find?

To satisfying our curiosities,



  1. looks familiar to me, and looks great.

  2. Does black salt need a hechsher?

  3. wow thats insane, when are we eating over for shabbos??