Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bike Woes

New bike shop in the neighborhood and I'm thinking, might as well support a community member. So I take my kids' bikes for repair. The job:  Bike 1 - replace inner tube, fix brakes.    Bike 2 - replace chain, fix brakes. 

Guy in the bike shop says the wheels need to be realigned on both bikes. Quotes $90 for everything. A little higher than I initially thought, but hey, for $45 each bike will be good as new, right? Bikes should be ready later today. Pay $$. Leave. Friend goes to pick up bikes. He tells her they need to order special brake cables. Should be an additional $15 each. Not really worth it anymore - I could almost buy new bikes for this money...  Let me call the shop and tell them to cancel the work. Whoops. Too late. They already did the other work. OK. 15 more dollars for each and they'll be good as new. 
A couple of days later, back to the shop. Bike 1 is ready. No extra charge. Bike 2 needs a different part. Will be ready tomorrow. Friend goes back in to pick up the bike. It's not ready, but they need $15 for another part. Hands over $15. My son goes to pick up bike the next day. Charged another $15. Bike comes home. Chain is still broken. Hubby says he'll fix chain. He puts the chain on and we pass the bike to our son, who is really happy to (finally!) have his bike back.
Chain keeps falling off and brakes are really tight. Back to bike shop. Tries to fix the chain but it's twisted and needs to be replaced. Replace chain. Front tire is flat. Needs new inner tube. $20 for chain and $15 for inner tube. I already paid for the chain! I'm not doing that again. I give him another $15 for the inner tube. $90 now.
I'm really upset. I tell shop owner I'm disappointed with the service. I'm annoyed that they did not quote everything up front. I would have bought a new bike - from him. Every time I come in it costs more money - to do the same thing. I'm wondering what my initial $45 covered. He starts yelling at me that I don't appreciate him. He's not out to get me. He's not a liar or a thief. Do I know what I sound like? Everyone else is so thankful for his service. It's a new business. The guy that did the initial quote was new. 1st day on the job. The electrical work in the shop is still unfinished. They're still figuring it out. (Seriously)

The best part? He says my friend and son are lying to me. Neither of them ever gave him $.

Oh the many joys of supporting a community member.

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  1. ***big sigh*** I totally feel what you are going through Chani, unfortunately I'm currently experiencing that with my sons SCHOOL! It feels like they are taking advantage/making it much harder than necessary, hoping I'll back off.