Monday, November 15, 2010

Focus: What Your Kids Need to Succeed - at School, Work & Life

Shayna and I have been working on a great lineup of events for the coming months, here's a little taste of what's to come. We plan to address the topics of:
ADD/ADHD Winter Health, Boosting Fertility, Mental Health , Digestive Disorders & Improving Energy

Our upcoming event, scheduled for Tuesday, November 23rd, will address how can we help our children do their best, with special attention given to ADD/ADHD. You can view the flyer here.

How are we going pull this off?

John Azzarelli RPh.,CNC, a nutritionist specializing in ADD/ADHD, will discuss the connection between nutrition, allergies & neurotransmitters. Dr. John will show us how we can increase our children's attention span, focus and concentration. John will explain how neurotransmitters control our moods, how to know when they are imbalanced, and what we can do - using diet and supplement therapies. He will also explain what foods wreck our kids' (and our own!) ability to think clearly and how to recognize allergies that sabotage our best efforts.

John Azzarelli spends his days tackling issues of nutrition and counseling people with various health concerns. As a pharmacist, John understands and respects how medications work, but uses his skills as a certified nutritionist to help people heal naturally.

Next we will have an interactive session on Brain Gym with Mari Miyoshi, a licensed occupational therapist and Brain Gym consultant. Brain Gym is based on the theory that our brains run best when they are calm and at peace. The biggest impediment to calm, focus and easy learning is stress, and kids are experiencing stress at higher levels than ever. In this highly experiential presentation, Mari will share short, easy to use movements from Brain Gym that integrate stress and make it more possible for our children's brains to experience more peace and calm.

Mari Miyoshi is a licensed occupational therapist and Brain Gym teacher and consultant. She has been teaching parents and professionals Brain Gym to use for themselves as well as their own children/pediatric clients. She loves the holistic nature of Brain Gym and its ability to connect people to the joy of learning, whether it be learning to read or balancing a checkbook. Read more about Mari’s work on her website.

“Focus: What Your Kids Needs to Succeed at School, Work & Life” will take place on Tuesday, November 23rd at Bnos Menachem.
739 East New York.
Doors open at 8:00 with your opportunity to mingle with our professionals.
Program begins at 8:30 sharp.

To Good Health,

P.S. Generous sponsors of this event include: Apple Drugs, Mister Greens, The Printhouse, PCL Design, Wellsprings and me, Chana Lew.

Did you know that both Apple & Mister Greens accept orders via email? Avoid long lines, parking issues, busy signals and funky interpretations. Email an order and thank them for supporting J-WHO.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact me for more info.

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