Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What you need to know about birth before you are pregnant

I’m very proud to share that j-who (Jewish Women’s Health Organization) will be hosting yet another information-filled evening of women’s health education. We’ll be talking about my favorite subject ever; birth. (You can see the flyer here.)
The subject of childbirth is one of the most controversial health care issues. The controversy begins with the prevalent belief in the medical establishment that birth is a dangerous and risky medical problem that is best handled in a high-tech hospital setting. Most hospital births are filled with many (unnecessary) interventions that are considered standard protocol. In reality, birth is a natural, normal, empowering process that women were created for. Most of us are perfectly capable of giving birth without any medical intervention at all. How do these opinions differ so widely?

Join Shayna Eliav and Chana Lew, both Crown Heights doulas, as we explore options for a safe birth and talk about how decisions we make prenatally affect our birth experience.

  • Discover the ONLY 3 factors that make up the birth experience
  • Why birth choices are important to your and your children's longterm health
  • Embracing the transformative power of childbirth
  • Letting go of the fear: a little light dispels a lot of darkness
  • Exploring the alternatives
We are fortunate to have booked two fabulous, dedicated, skilled and compassionate midwives for our question and answer session :
Miriam Schwarzchild, New York City's most experienced homebirth midwife,
and Brooke Farrell, from the booming practice Village Obstetrics.
 Monday, March 8th at Bnos Menachem.

 Doors open at 8:00 along with your opportunity to mingle with birth professionals.

 Program begins at 8:30 sharp.

 Question & Answer session at 9:30.

This evening is geared to women of all ages. Whether you have already given birth to your family or have not yet begun, you will walk away with valuable information to use or share with your daughter, sister, friend, etc.

A peaceful, undisturbed birth is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family.

To beautiful births,


p.s. I hope to see lots of single women there.

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